The Story of Jankbots

In a dystopian future, where the world is ruled by an eccentric and power-hungry technocrat, a clandestine group of rebels seeks to challenge his oppressive regime. The rebels, known as the JankBots, are a unique collection of patched-up and repurposed robots salvaged from various forgotten corners of the world.


These robots were originally designed for noble purposes but were abandoned or deemed unfit for service. However, a brilliant and enigmatic inventor named Dr. Vesper saw their untapped potential and reprogrammed them to become warriors. Each JankBot possesses distinct abilities, traits, and personalities, making them a motley crew of unpredictable fighters.


The JankBots' battles are not just for survival but serve as a form of underground entertainment and rebellion against the tyrannical regime. Crowds gather in secret arenas to witness these awe-inspiring clashes, placing bets and cheering for their favorite JankBot champions.


As the JankBots gain popularity, a resistance movement emerges, drawing inspiration from their tenacity and resilience. The rebels find hope in the JankBots' ability to defy the odds and fight for freedom, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of the human spirit against oppression.


However, behind the scenes, a deeper mystery unfolds. The true purpose and origin of the JankBots remain shrouded in secrecy. Dr. Vesper, the mastermind behind their creation, holds a hidden agenda that could change the course of the rebellion. As players delve into the video game adaptation of this story, they uncover the truth about the JankBots, their connection to the madman's rise to power, and the ultimate challenge they must overcome to restore balance to their world.


JankBots is not only an NFT collection but also a captivating battle where these NFTs, known as JankBots, can engage in thrilling combat against each other. Collectors are invited to speculate and anticipate which JankBots will emerge as the ultimate champions.

The outcome of battles between two JankBots is determined by a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account the unique components and metrics associated with each NFT. The power wielded by a JankBots can only be determined by the algorithm.



All proceeds benefit U.S. Military Veterans. 

Launch Date

Mark your calendars and get ready for an epic event! The highly anticipated launch of the JankBots NFT collection is set for April 20th, 2024, and we can't wait to share this extraordinary experience with you. While we're working tirelessly to bring you this remarkable collection sooner, stay tuned for any updates or exciting news that might bring the launch date even closer. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of JankBots! 

Will be sold on OpenSea

We are thrilled to announce that the initial sale of the JankBots NFT collection will take place on the renowned NFT marketplace, OpenSea. As a leading platform for digital collectibles, OpenSea provides a secure and accessible environment for collectors and enthusiasts to acquire and trade NFTs.

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